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I need to number my groups non-sequentially.

Document ID: DQ005
Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 ; Manta ; WorkOut 1.5 ; Stingray
Document description: How To: Use non-sequential numbering schemes for samples…

Some applications use a non-sequential numbering of groups.  For example, one application required samples numbered 1-7 and 11-17.
With the software, you must define the group numbers in the template layout in sequence.  However, you can allocate Sample ID’s to each Unknown group. 
In the application example requiring group numbering 1-7 and 11-17, first define 14 sequential Unknown groups (1-14) on the microplate layout.  Then use the Sample IDs feature to label the first 7 samples as 1-7 and the next 7 as 11-17.  When using the protocol, the groups will be referred to by their defined (non-sequential) label.  To achieve this press the Sample IDs button when setting up the microplate layout or during the run.  The specified IDs will be saved in the protocol. 
This feature is available in all versions but with Stingray/WorkOut 1.x you can only set the Sample IDs in the result file. You, therefore, will need to do it on each run.

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