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Is it possible to convert a protocol that imports data (offline) to a measurement protocol (online)?

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Relevant to following products: WorkOut 2.0 ; Manta
Document description: How To: Convert an offline protocol to online…

When developing a new assay protocol it is useful to start off by using existing data.  In this way you can set up and test your analysis with known data before starting to work with a connected instrument.
Create your assay protocol using one of the wizards as normal and select the option to import data from an existing file.  On completion of the wizard, launch the new assay protocol to import the data and then use the Edit Transforms option to set up your analyses.  Press Recalculate to exact the changes and then tweak your settings and repeat the Edit and Recalculate until you are happy with your transforms.  Finally select File | Save Protocol to save your new assay protocol.  This protocol can be used to import similar data files.
To convert the new import protocol to take measurements with your connected instrument, return to the Organiser.  From here select  Run or open an existing protocol.  Then choose your new protocol and select Open.  When the protocol opens for editing, press the Edit… button next to the Import description.  Next, click OK in the message box and specify the new measurement settings.  These should use the same plate dimensions as the protocol and should take similar readings.  If different reading types are used, (for example kinetic instead of endpoint) then the transform settings will be lost.  When the changes are made, you should review the transform settings. Specifically check the Output Matrix name used in each transform, as these will be set to the name used when the transform was created with the imported data.

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