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 Manta is the ultimate data acquisition, assay design and analysis software tool for microplate based assays in diagnostic or research applications, such as:

Competitive Bindings, Drug Discovery, EC/IC(50), ELISA, IFMIA, FIA, Endpoint, Enzyme Kinetics, Fluorescence, Genomics, Luminescence, Multi-wavelength Cellular, Nucleic Acid Quantitation, Photometry, Polarisation, Proteomics, Qualitative, Quantitative, Real-Time Kinetics, Toxicology, Vmax, Z'

 Manta can work with ANY microplate or tube reader that can connect to a PC (learn more...)

 Manta is a complete redesign (tell me more...) over its predecessor Stingray and includes the following features:

Quantitative Wizard Automatic Text File Import Custom Microplate Layout Editor Data View Customisation
Qualitative Wizard Multiple Plate Support 30+ Transforms Real-time display of readings
IC (50) Wizard Export to Excel/Word/HTML/MHT Microplate Layout Wizard Flexible Mathematical Expressions
Enzyme Kinetics Wizard Integrate easily with other applications Report Customisation Outlook Style File Navigation
Ratio Wizard Detailed Audit Trail and Versions Temperature Monitoring and Analysis Analysis Examples >>

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