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 Stingray Online Tutorials / Demo

Welcome to the Dazdaq tutorials. Here you can download the Stingray 1.5 tutorials.

 Installation Instructions - How to install and use the tutorials.

  Tutorial 1 - How to create a quantitative endpoint protocol.

  Tutorial 2 - How to run a quantitative endpoint protocol.

  Tutorial 3 - How to archive and use standards data.

  Tutorial 4 - How to create a dual label protocol.

  Tutorial 5 - How to use user-defined transformations.

  Tutorial 6 - Kinetic reduction methods explained.

  Tutorial 7 - Cut-offs.

  Tutorial 8 - How to create and run a slow kinetics protocol.

  Tutorial 9 - How to create and run a scan mode protocol.

  Tutorial 10 - How to create and run a multiple plate protocol.

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