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Dazdaq Manta
   Manta available now
Dazdaq Ltd. announces the release of Manta software for microplate instrumentation.

Manta information
Supported Instrumentation
   WorkOut 2.5 available now
Dazdaq Ltd. announces the release of WorkOut 2.5 for PerkinElmer microplate instrumentation.

WorkOut 2.5 information
   WorkOut for WIZARD2
WorkOut 2.5 is now shipped with new WIZARD2 instruments.

   EnVision Integration
New import scripts available to support PerkinElmer's EnVision multilabel plate reader. Click here for more information.
   PerkinElmer Distributes
PerkinElmer continues to supply Dazdaq Ltd. WorkOut 1.5 software.

Archived Press Release

Online brochure (pdf file)
Dazdaq Ltd. continues to supply Stingray 1.5 software for a variety of microplate based instrumentation.

Stingray 1.5 supported instrumentation
   Interactive Tutorials
Online interactive tutorials available now to kickstart your assay development.
WorkOut 2.0
   Online Knowledge Base
Search our Knowledge Base for application notes and solutions to common queries.
   Featured Knowledge Base Article
Transfer raw microplate data from Excel for analysis in your Assay Protocol. Follow this knowledge base article to set up Excel to work with your Assay Protocols.
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    WorkOut Plus MMD
    WorkOut Plus (for WIZARD)
    WorkOut 2.5
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